Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Become a Member?

After downloading Brainquire over Google Play or AppStore, you can select the membership option of your choice by following the instructions in the application. You can become a member by following the related instructions on our website. You can contact us for school and corporate memberships. Follow our social media accounts to receive notifications of updates.

2. How long should I continue to play Brainquire?

There are no time limitations of objectives in Brainquire. You can continue to contribute to your cognitive skills and mental development as long as you continue playing.

3. On which devices can I play Brainquire?

Brainquire is a mobile application. You can download the app onto all smart phone or tablet PCs and start playing.

4. Is there a fee for Brainquire?

You can download and start playing Brainquire for free. However, if you wish to access all the games and the statistics screen, you can select the membership option most suitable for you and become a member.

5. Why should I play Brainquire?

A healthy brain is a must for sports and so are brain exercises for a healthy brain. You should make these exercises a part of your lives since they evaluate and improve your cognitive skills.